P&T Competition – FAQ

What is a Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee?

A Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee is responsible for developing, managing, updating, and administering the formulary system that is utilized by managed health care systems.

Pharmacists who serve on P&T Committees must know how to evaluate the best available scientific evidence, clinical and economic, weigh its use and its impact on patient population outcomes, be able to conduct cost/benefit analyses, and relate drug therapy choices to practice guidelines.  Development of these necessary formulary management skills will help managed health care systems achieve the challenging goals of improving the quality of patient care while controlling scarce healthcare resources.

What is the P&T competition, and what is its purpose?

The local and national P&T competition is intended to give students an opportunity to hone a variety of skills including critical analysis, presentation and research skills.  More importantly, the competition will allow students to view different styles and processes that can be used in effective formulary management and provide exposure to, and a working knowledge of AMCP’s Format for Formulary Submissions.

What kinds of competencies are useful?

– Must know how to evaluate scientific evidence, and how to weigh its use and impact on patient population outcomes.

– Must know how to conduct cost/benefit analysis.

– Must know how to relate drug therapy choices to practice guidelines.

What are some benefits of competing?

– Learn and practice useful analytical skills.

– Gain a deeper understanding of managed care pharmacy.

– Earn recognition at your school and in the managed care arena.

  • Each of the top 8 teams selected as local finalists will receive a $3,500 team stipend for travel expenses to compete in the National P&T Competition at the AMCP Annual Meeting.
  • The 1st Place team in the National P&T Competition will be provided travel expenses to the AMCP Educational Conference, where they will be formally awarded an engraved plaque during one of the Conference General Sessions.
  • The top three winning teams in the National P&T Competition will receive a contribution of $2500, $1500, and $1000 (respectively) to their school’s general scholarship fund.

What are the requirements?

Each team must…

– consist of 4 members in any year of pharmacy school, all of whom are AMCP student members.

– analyze an AMCP Format-based product dossier.

– prepare a report that answers specific questions.

– prepare a P&T committee monograph (15 page maximum).

– prepare a PowerPoint presentation (30 minute and 30 slide maximum).

– not confer with members of competing teams or with faculty, staff, or pharmaceutical representatives.

Any other questions, please contact this year’s P&T competition coordinators:

Fahim Faruque ffaruque@umaryland.edu

Kevin Lei kevin.lei@umaryland.edu

More information on the AMCP website:


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