2017-2018 APhA-ASP Officers

President: John Lee
President-Elect: Cory Duke

Patient Care Vice President: Charlie Summerlin

Patient Care Vice President Assistance: 
Shady Grove Vice President: Gina Migneco

Membership Vice President: Amanda Zamora
Immediate Past President: Rachel Lumish
Policy and Advocacy Vice President: Mark Bickley
Baltimore Secretary:
Shady Grove Secretary:
Finance and Fundraising Vice President: Nathan Shen
Conference Coordinator:
Communications Vice President: Lin Chen
International Vice President: Emily Witcraft

Maryland Regional Operation Chair: Andrew Chayasriwong
Maryland Regional Operation Co-Chair: Pasang Sherpa

Montgomery County Operation Chair: Jenn Shim
Montgomery County Operation Co-Chair: Vicky Zhu

Operation Heart Chair (Baltimore): Teny Joseph
Operation Heart Co-Chair (Baltimore): Jennifer Miller
Operation Heart Chair (Shady Grove): Danielle Reeves

Operation Heart Co-Chair (Shady Grove): JC Mbimba

Operation Diabetes Chair (Baltimore): Aylin Unal
Operation Diabetes Co-Chair (Baltimore): Jaeil Kim
Operation Diabetes Chair (Shady Grove): Phuong Tran Nguyen
Operation Diabetes Co-Chair (Shady Grove): Quyen Kieu

Operation Immunization Chair (Baltimore): Adina Klingman
Operation Immunization Co-Chair (Baltimore): Jeongun Yang
Operation Immunization Chair (Shady Grove): Yassi Taghva
Operation Immunization Co-Chair (Shady Grove): Heather Wittkorn

OTC Med Safety Chair: Chelsea McFadden
OTC Med Safety Co-Chair (Baltimore): Sara Kreshpanji
OTC Med Safety Chair (Shady Grove): Quynh-Nhu Nguyen

OTC Med Safety Co-Chair (Shady Grove): Jessica Woodward

Generation Rx Chair: Payal Patel
Generation Rx Co-Chair (Baltimore): Kimberly Cai
Generation Rx (Shady Grove): Larissa Nguy

Generation Rx Co-Chair (Shady Grove): Michael Ho

AMPM Chair: Ankit Gandhi

AMPM Co-Chair: Saniya Chaudhry

Advisors: Dr. Cherokee Layson-Wolf, Dr. Deanna Tran and Dr. Leah Sera