Mentorship Program

The MSHP Mentorship Program for 2017 is now online and matching students with mentors!

  • If you are a student and would like to participate in the mentorship program, please fill out this mentee form
  • If you are a pharmacist and would like to become a mentor, please fill out this mentor form.

Are you a student who is:

  • Interested in networking with pharmacists in your field of interest?
  • Curious to find out more about what you can do as a pharmacist from professionals in the field?
  • Searching for the right job or environment for you when you graduate, but not sure where to start?

Then perhaps the MSHP Mentorship Program is right for you! 

The Mentorship Program was started to give students a stress-free experience with pharmacists with similar interests and backgrounds.  Unlike rotations, there are no set hours that need to be completed, nor are there any particular assignments.  It is our hope that leaving the details up to the student and mentor foster an environment creating enrichment and encouragement, as well as, a lifelong relationship. This program will give mentors an opportunity to influence the next generation of health system pharmacists while allowing students to see the profession from a different perspective.  The program runs in the fall and spring semesters.  Each mentor-student pairing will be given the opportunity to continue their pairing throughout the student’s time at University of Maryland.

We currently have administrators, clinical pharmacists, residents, and hospital pharmacists, who have signed up to be preceptors.

Fill out the form above and submit now so we can match you with a pharmacist who best matches YOUR interests!

Note: Must be an MSHP member to participate
If you are not a member register for MSHP here – only $15 and provides free access to the annual MSHP Residency Showcase


If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact June Trinos at (MSHP Liaison and Mentorship Program Co-coordinator).