• Scholarship

AZO National Chapter awards scholarships through the Ephraim G. Sless Scholarship Fund, the Alumni Chapter Scholarship, and the Simon I. Sless Award.  The Ephraim G. Sless Scholarship is given to a Frater based on leadership and on financial need.  The applications are handed out to all fraters in January and the deadline for the application is mid-March.  The Alumni scholarship is awarded to one second year pharmacy student with the highest GPA.  The Simon I. Sless Award is awarded to those undergraduate fraters who have performed outstanding service to the Fraternity on a chapter level over a period of time.

  • Networking Opportunities

As students, you will have the opportunity to network with the AZO alumni and members on the national level through the two national conventions held annually, in addition to monthly Continuing Education (CE) Breakfasts.  Networking will help students greatly when it comes to job searching or applying for residencies.

  • Free Continuing Education

AZO is involved in promoting continuing education to its members and other pharmacists through regular CE Breakfasts one Sunday each month.  These CE Breakfasts are free to Kappa Chapter students and are great ways to keep up with the different issues and possible changes occurring within our field of practice.  These events also allow us to continue to learn new things about drugs on the market or in development, in addition  to networking with alumni.  Upon graduation, the CE breakfast are a great way to obtain CE credit hours to maintain the license and to keep in touch with friends that you have made in AZO.

  • Friendship

AZO members which become friends learn a lot from one another.  Fraters aid one another in all ways possible by sharing knowledge with one another, advising each other on which classes and rotations to become involved, and informing one another of growing opportunities in our field.  The bonds of friendship and brotherhood that are formed do not end when school is over.  Many graduates remain friends and remain active with AZO both at Alumni and National levels.