Alpha Zeta Omega was founded by Ephraim G. Sless. It was originally called the “Dead Men’s Club.” The name was then changed to Alpha Zeta Omega. Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, represented the beginning and ending of time. Zeta, a pneumonic of the founders’ names, symbolized the line between eternity and the creation of time.

Alpha Zeta Omega was started by 11 men studying at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sciences in 1919 with the primary goal of aiding one another in their studies and graduating 100 % of thier class.  Since then, AZO has grown into an international fraternity with thousands of members.  AZO was the first fraternity to admit members without regard to religion, color, sex, or beliefs.

Here at the University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy, the Kappa Chapter was established in 1922.  Members of the Kappa chapter strive for academic excellence.  We have also historically provided assistance to The Ronald McDonald House and  The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge which provides lodging for cancer patients.  We are dedicated to long-term philanthropic community service.