I believe in Loyalty.

I believe that loyalty is the kindest activity of the spirit, the wisest method and the most powerful force in the realm of Fraternity affairs.

I believe in the sacred sovereignty of my sister over her own life. Therefore I will not trespass on her domain, or seek domination over her ideas or conduct in any way.

I believe that I see some truth my sister may not see and to which I must be true. I believe equally that my sister sees some truth which I may not see, so I must be not only open-minded but sympathetic because I want to know her truth too.

I believe that I have more defects in manner, speech, disposition, and temperament than I can detect or am willing to admit. Therefore it ill becomes me to be too sharp a critic of my sister.

I believe that humor is one of the major gifts of God. I hope for my sake that my sister possesses it. I pray for her sake that I may have enough of it to laugh at myself.

I believe that the happiness and success of my sister is as important as my own. Therefore I will seek in behalf of others the same things that I seek and ask for myself.

Will that there is Spirit in this Universe which prompts, inspires and sustains those who make life an adventure, and I trust that Spirit.

– This creed was dedicated to the sisters of Lambda Kappa Sigma in l954 by Ruth Davies Flaherty, Grand President 1952-1954