Welcome to this page! Please refer to this page for further information and updates regarding the 2016-2017 PPAG-FLAVORx Research Competition.


PPAG has partnered up with FLAVORx to propose a research opportunity to students at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Students gain beneficial research experience and FLAVORx benefits from information that students gather and present. Please read this letterhead for more information.

Students who would like to participate must form a team of 4-5 members and devise a research topic related to pediatric medication/flavoring. A list of potential topics suggested by FLAVORx can be found here. Teams can pick a research topic from the list or form their own research topic with approval from their advisor(s) and Dr. Chizhik.

If you are interested in participating in the competition, form a group of 4-5 members and sign your team up at this link! If you are looking for a team to join, click here! The deadline to submit the form for team sign ups is October 13th.


Updates 10/8/16:

Hello PPAG members,

This is an announcement for those who are interested/participating in the PPAG-FLAVORx Research Competition. Please read this announcement in its entirety for important information regarding the competition.

There has been a change in format to the competition. We are still working the details out and I will be posting a follow-up announcement, but after discussing with Dr. Morgan, she will not be able to advise every group. She can only accept 3-5 committed teams willing to complete their research by the end of the second semester with the possibility of continuing the research outside of the competition if need be.

Teams will need to create a proposal and submit/present their research topics and proposed methods by TBD. Further information regarding the proposal/methods will be addressed in a future announcement. From the proposals submitted, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Chizhik will select 3-5 teams with topics of their interest. ***Only selected teams will be able to participate in the competition as well as receive research credit.***

For those who will like to sign up for research credits for this competition, more information regarding that will be sent out once registration period for the spring semester opens. Students will receive 2 credits through PHMY539 course.

The requirements for this competition is you must have an IRB-approved research with data to present by mid-April of next year. There will be a poster session as well as powerpoint presentations for teams. Criteria for judging will be released next semester.

Some changes to the competition: in order to submit a research proposal, you DO NOT have to be a member of PPAG. However, once your research proposal is accepted, all team members must be local members of PPAG.

The competition is still fairly new so we are still working out the kinks. I apologize for the confusion and change in format. If your team will like to no longer participate in the competition, please email me for removal. For those who joined PPAG for the sole purpose to participate in this competition, we will honor refunds. Please fill out this form:

On a side note, PPAG Membership Drive will be extended until next Thursday, October 13th. Here is the link to the application form:

If there are any questions about the format of the competition, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please be on the look-out for future emails regarding the competition!


Updates 10/15/16:

Please refer to email from Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group with subject line: “PPAG-FLAVORx Research Competition – Updated Format, Deadlines, and Information.” for full detail of upcoming deadlines and requirements for the competition.