Student of the Month

April 2014

Academic: Alex Park

Alex’s student dedication towards the academic well-being of his whole class has been consistent and phenomenal throughout his years here at the School of Pharmacy. Having been a classmate of Alex’s, I see him as a reliable staple to the class of 2015, who spends extra time ensuring that his classmates know where they stand academically in preparation for finals. Alex has also consistently served as a class liaison for two elective classes to help facilitate communication in classes where liaisons are not normally assigned. He has also tutored students as an official representative of the University of Maryland, as well as a more than regular tutor of local students at weekly ABAE sessions. Alex goes above and beyond in so many different facets of the school’s culture, and undoubtedly deserves the highest consideration for the academic student of the month award.


Leadership: Sharina Nandwani 

Sharina has demonstrated great diligence on both school and campus-wide levels and has taken on a variety of roles––often behind the scenes––to ensure the growth and success of his/her organizations. For the past year, and especially the past few months, he/she has dedicated himself/herself to staying involved with his/her respective organizations to expand the influence that pharmacy organizations can have on the rest of the campus and the surrounding community.


Graduate: Caitlin Lynch


Caitlin recently successfully defended her thesis, and impressed all with the substantial amount of work completed during her time here. She is well-liked by all, and has been involved with all aspects of the department, from mentoring new students to contributing time and effort to social events within the department. She will leave a lasting impression on those who knew her.


March 2014

Academic: George Yeh

George has consistently maintained high standards of academic excellence, and dedication and altruism towards his peers throughout the pharmacy school. He is passionate and always willing to help other students. He works hard and efficiently, so he is always on top of things to inform classmates of important due dates and provide helpful tips for upcoming exams. He has served as a officer (and also as a member) in a number of organizations. He also gladly helps out other organizations that he is not even part of. George also served as a class liaison when my class really needed someone to volunteer. I think his effort and contributions have been unrecognized for the past years, because he prefers to maintain a low profile. Despite this, everyone across both campuses knows him, because he is such a well-rounded person and selflessly helps out any students, faculty, and organizations. I believe that George deserves to be March Student of the Month than anyone else in the SOP. Thank you for your consideration.


Leadership:  David Tran

This nominee is truly a leader at heart. Though this student lives in Virginia, s/he often commutes up to Baltimore and has worked tirelessly to bridge thegap between Shady Grove and Baltimore students. When an organization’s Shady Grove liaison had to step down, this student was the first to volunteer to fill those shoes. In the past couple of weeks, this nominee has surveyed and asked for ideas for events that both Shady Grove and Baltimore studentscan participate in together. This nominee is a leader at our school.


Graduate: Michelle Campbell

Michelle is striving academically and will soon defend her dissertation. In addition to being an academically strong graduate student, Michelle is also a wonderful ambassador for the PHSR graduate program. She is always available to help out, hosting dinner with applicants after interview day, participating as a senior student at PHSR Graduate Open House, or speaking to prospective students at seminar series on Life of a Graduate Student to the Morgan State Biology & Chemistry Clubs. When a student was sick on interview weekend, she drove downtown from her home in Belair to fill in. Michelle also mentors junior PHSR graduate students offering encouragement and advice on life as a PhD student.

Michelle is a senior PHSR Graduate Student that has taken on the role of mentor to junior students offering advice and understanding on what is required of a graduate student. Outside the department Michelle serves as an ambassador of the Graduate Program representing the program at meetings and recruitment events. Michelle is deserving to be recognized as a Graduate of the Student of the Month.

February 2014

Leadership Student of the Month:  Oluwadamilola Ademiluyi 


This nominee is an epitome of a LEADER! Not only does this nominee take initiative, but this nominee is also very creative and enthusiastic about everything this nominee does. This nominee is involved in organizations such as SPA, PDC, and SNPhA. As the President-Elect of SNPhA, this nominee single-handedly ran many events for the organization. These events required a lot of time, effort, and collaboration with other entities for them to be successful. As usual, this nominee was up to the task. Of the many events this nominee planned, the one that comes to mind is the SNPhA CAPS event with Howard University last semester. This event was a huge success as it allowed the exchange of ideas and projects between students from both schools. More so, over 25 students from both schools combined, were present. One of the largest number of participants to date. Furthermore, this nominee is always looking to evolve – to do more than what was done the previous year and to accept the challenge of deviating from the norm. This nominee is always ready to help any member of the E-board and take on additional tasks so as to helpthe work get completed. Indeed, it is very impressive to see a second year student that is committed to the promotion of pharmacy inside and outside UMB. Without a doubt, this nominee’s unwavering spirit and his/her dedication to the organizations in which this nominee serves, is why I believe that this nominee deserves to bethe Leadership Student of the Month!

Academic Student of the Month:  Areerut Leelathanalerk (Apple)

I’ve worked with Apple since the spring semester of my first year in pharmacy school, as a tutor and tutee. Since the beginning, Apple has been very generous with me in sharing her time and knowledge. She always tries her best to help me no matter what I’m struggling with, whether that is concept in PP&T class, or tips in measuring blood pressure. She made time to help me even when she herself had a big final exam few days later. What impresses me more apart from her academic excellence is her cheerful nature and positivity- she always encouraged me to try my best and told me never to give up. I do not believe I would have done as well without her encouragement and support.
She is not only an excellent student, but she is also genuinely kind person, with always a smile on her face, and I’m very lucky to have met her and learn from her. She is an awesome mentor for me as international student.
I highly nominate Apple as the student of the month.


Graduate Student of the Month: Angelique Besold

Angelique is nearing the end of her graduate studies in the department. She is always willing to offer a helping hand, whether it be with instruments or techniques that she has mastered. She also greatly contributes to scientific discussion during meetings by asking thought-provoking questions. Angelique possesses thequalities of a successful graduate student and is a great example for younger graduate students in the department.


January 2014

Leadership Student of the Month:  Cassidy Hsieh


As the president of the Global Medical Brigades chapter at UMB, Cassidy led a brigade of 32 students to Honduras this winter break. She has worked tirelessly since the start of last semester to reach out to students from other schools at UMB to ensure that the team was going to be an inter-professional one. Among the brigaders, there were pharmacy, nursing, public health, and social work students. A mobile clinic that included triage, medical consultation, pharmacy, dental station, and OB-GYN consultation was set up at a school and over 600 patients were seen over the course of three days. Additionally, the team helped build a health center in a remote area of Honduras. Her leadership and passion in helping others made it possible for the students to provide comprehensive health services in a rural community with limited access to healthcare.

Academic Student of the Month:  Wai Chan

Wai has high academic standards and seems to do well in our program. Some people do well by isolating themselves from others and only gathering those who also do well around them. Wai is not this way. He will answer the questions and give assistance to any classmate who asks him. He also does little things to benefit his classmates and spur them on to better performance. I have spoken with Wai and admire his passion and commitment to being a practitioner of excellence. He also is a model to busy students about keeping fit and maintaining an exercise program in the midst of many hours of study. Wai is not cliquish. He is democratically generous in his willingness to encourage and assist his peers. He is not arrogant or proud. He is one of the most humble, consistent and approachable members of the class of 2016. I have watched him patiently tutor another student in pharmacokinetics just because he was asked. I personally have been stuck and just by asking him a small question on Facebook chat, was able to move forward in understanding. Wai deserves being recognized for his generosity to those around him who are genuinely seeking understanding of difficult concepts or need an error analysis on completed work that did not turn out right.


Graduate Student of the Month: Angela Nguyen

Angie is a dedicated and hard-working student, exemplifying the work ethic that makes a graduate student successful. She has mastered a variety of complicated techniques and submitted a first-author publication before reaching candidacy, while aiding others and collaborating with a multitude of students in the department. Her excellence and achievements deserve to be recognized.

November 2014

Leadership Student of the Month:  Salin Nhean

This student has worked tirelessly since the beginning of the semester to plan events for HIV/AIDS Awareness Month. Her efforts have engaged theentire UMB community, as all events are open to students from various disciplines, and some events are even hosted at the Student Center as a common location for all students and faculty to attend. In addition to making these events accessible to the entire UMB community, she has organized events thatthe local Baltimore City community can attend. The student has made sure that her organization has collaborated with all other organizations within theSchool of Pharmacy for the events during HIV/AIDS Awareness Month. This student has worked diligently to involve everyone in the community in learning about the impact of these diseases in Baltimore.

Academic Student of the Month:  Saemi Cho

Saemi was my tutor and I promise you that I would not have done as well as I did had it not been for Saemi. Not only is she just an overall great teacher, but she also went above and beyond the bare minimum and I really appreciated that. Even if I emailed her a question at midnight, she was still able to answer me with wonderful answers and more material than necessary. She really wants to make sure that you understand the material and will do anything she can to help. I think she is wonderful and I’m so so grateful to have her as a tutor.


Graduate Student of the Month: Lindsay Czuba

She is an extremely hardworking student, with significant work accomplished in just over a year here in the program. She has recently shown her work at a national conference, and is also dedicated to the department, through her work with the PGSA.

October 2014

The Rho Chi Society and Phi Lambda Sigma are pleased to announce the October Students of the Month!

Leadership Student of the Month:  Bhavi Patel

This student is the epitome of a pharmacy student leader. The nominee’s focus and drive is truly admirable. The nominee’s leadership is characterized by collaboration and unification. The nominee is not concerned with only one organization or one purpose. The nominee’s goal as a student leader is to advance thelearning, professionalism, and overall pharmacy experience of the nominee’s peers and the reputation of the University of Maryland school of pharmacy as a whole.The nominee’s ability to balance several leadership positions (ASHP Shady Grove VP, APhA Shady Grove Liasion, PDC Raven’s coordinator, Rho Chi Shady Grove Liasion, PLS), while maintaining the nominee’s stellar academic performance year after year, while ALSO completing a special project at Georgetown University Hospital AND working as a pharmacy intern at CVS/pharmacy is nothing short of incredible. The nominee is the definition of a leader and a fantastic example of a well rounded, professional, dedicated pharmacy student. 

Academic Student of the Month: Emmanuel Vasilarakis

I nominate Manny because is a enthusiastic and hard-working individual who tries his best in his academic studies. He is a friend to all, always willing to help in school and outside of school. He deserves to be recognized for his unrelentless energy academically and as a leader in our school.


Graduate Student of the Month: Brandy Garzel

Brandy’s organizational skills and unrivaled support for each and every student shone through during the comprehensive exams this year. She volunteered her time to help all of the examinees with their presentations and attended all of the exams, no matter the time or day. Her universal goodwill and excellent work of her own should be recognized as exemplary among graduate students.

September 2014

Academic Student of the Month: Andy Shuler

Andy is a very hard-working student. He is always one of the first students to enter PH in the morning and one of the last students to leave PH in the evening. He readily gives his time and effort to help another student. He shares his notes and study tools with his classmates with no expectations of reciprocity. He takes his classes very seriously and spends much of his time and effort becoming a great pharmacist. He is a role model inside and outside of the classroom. He is modest and humble, yet he is dedicated to his personal success and the success of his classmates.

Leadership Student of the Month: Cory Cunningham

He is a great leader for us at Shady Grove in a lot of areas. He is always generous with his knowledge and time especially when it comes to the more difficult learning challenges that we face. He is also an advocate for students who are in difficult situations, whether with scheduling or class difficulties, he puts a lot of energy into supporting student issues. He is a consummate presence here at Shady Grove that we all turn to for help and he deserves recognition as a leader.

He is a hardworking student, who is knowledgeable about many things. He always helps all his group members and classmates when they need it. When there is a lot of confusion he is always the first to step up and help clear up confusion. He always takes the time to talk to his peers and help out.


Graduate Student of the Month: Jamie Michalek

Jamie is nearing completion of her PhD, and has proven to be a driven and dedicated student. She has worked hard to complete her project, and put in extra time and energy to do so. She is always very helpful to other students who need advice, and she is one of the sweetest individuals in the department.