A Bridge to Academic Excellence (ABAE)’s mission is to provide tutoring and mentoring for middle/high school students in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.


ABAE participants are tutored by UMB students from programs in pharmacy, law, medicine, physical therapy, social work, graduate and dentistry. This unique opportunity to give back to the community also provides the tutors the chance to learn more about their own profession and the professions of the other tutors with whom they work and to meet pharmacy faculty and practitioners. ABAE goals are:

  • To have professional school students serve as tutors and mentors to high school students
  • To assist middle/high school students with resources for successful learning outcomes
  • To plan, coordinate, and implement activities to enhance the interest in and success rate of applicants in the health professions, law and social work
  • To unite professional school students and student organizations on the University’s campus to work together in teams as they will as professionals

ABAE offers tutoring in Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English/Writing, and SAT Prep. Tutoring takes place on most Saturdays during the academic year. These services are free of charge to the participating members.

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