Why you should apply:

Clinical pharmacists must be able to thrive in a very interdisciplinary environment. Not only will they have to work with doctors, nurses, and social workers on rounds, they will be experts in the medications of their field. The PSLI curriculum will enrich our ACCP-SCCP members with valuable diverse perspectives and strengthen their leadership skills. While the SCCP part of the PSLI-SCCP collaboration will complement it by helping our members apply what they have learned directly into their future careers. The PSLI-SCCP program will be a very enriching experience for any future clinical pharmacist.

To enroll in the program:

SCCP members must first apply separately for the PSLI program, then after he or she is accepted, fill out the PSLI-SCCP Certificate signup form here

PSLI-SCCP Certification requirements:

1) Complete the PSLI program + track requirements
2) Be a SCCP member (not a member? sign up here)
3) Shadow a clinical pharmacist (for a minimum of 3 hours) + submit a brief reflection here
4) Attend 1 SCCP roundtable OR 3 journal clubs

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