The GenerationRx initiative is a program designed to promote the prevention of prescription drug abuse and misuse in schools, colleges and communities.

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Key MessagesKeep your family safe

Prescription medications have many beneficial effects. When used under proper medical supervision, they can help us live longer and healthier lives, but any medication can produce adverse effects — especially when misused or abused.

• There’s a reason for the prescription – when sharing isn’t caring.

• America’s biggest drug problem isn’t on the streets… it’s in our medicine cabinets.

• Prescription medication abuse is on the rise.

• Examples of frequently abused prescription medications include:

  •  prescription painkillers (e.g., OxyContin, Vicodin)
  •  sedatives/tranquilizers (e.g. Valium, Xanax)
  •  stimulants (e.g. Adderal, Ritalin)

MYTH – abusing prescription medications is safer than “street” drugs.

TRxUTH – this myth is DEAD WRONG!

TRxUTH and consequences – abusing prescription medications can lead to health, legal, social, and personal development problems

What can I do?

It is important to remember that there is a reason for the prescription.

• Prescription medications should only be used under medical supervision – avoid self diagnosing and self-prescribing.

• Model this behavior to others and help educate them about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.

• Store prescription drugs in locked and secure locations and dispose of medications properly or participate in a medication disposal day in your community.

Talk with your kids, friends, and neighbors and consider making a presentation to a rotary, PTA, civic association or other groups about this issue.

For more information, visit or contact Generation Baltimore RX Chair Kim Cai ( or Generation RX Shady Grove Chair Michael Ho (