Core Values

The 4 core values that support our MCSA Advocacy Mission are:

  1. Education – Advocating for mandatory education in cannabis therapeutics for healthcare practitioners and evidence-based, accessible information for patients and the public
  2. Access – Access to safe, lab-tested products by removing social, financial, regulatory, and legislative barriers for all
  3. Standardization – Standardization of products, manufacturing processes, laboratory and labeling requirements
  4. Inclusion – Focusing on community inclusion and social equity for those most harmed by the failed drug policies of the past


I.  Education

Cannabis as medicine is as unique as patient needs.  Patients and their caregivers need evidence-based information to make educated choices about medical cannabis therapies. Therefore, the MCSA advocates for the following:

  • Mandatory cannabis education for all clinicians
  • Evidence-based education for all patients, caretakers and lawmakers to help them understand cannabis medicine and make informed decisions about future policy
  • Policies that promote research and are designed to foster an environment that supports the transparent exchange of factual information acquired through gold-standard clinical research
  • Expansion and promotion of professional advancement and continuing education to encourage new and existing clinicians to embrace cannabis therapeutics
  • Cultivation of student engagement in the medical cannabis industry to create a community centered around education, social innovation, entrepreneurship, and advocacy

II.  Access

Cannabis prohibition is a public health hazard.  It has failed to decrease substance use disorders, leading to many adverse health and social consequences. Individuals should be empowered to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. We advocate for patients and consumers to ensure they have safe access to high-quality cannabis that is accessible, and affordable.  Patients should not be denied the opportunity or access to use medical cannabis due to federal inaction to end prohibition. Therefore, the MCSA is advocating for the following:

  • Improved policies that allow for legal, uniform, and safe access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers through legislation, education, litigation, research, grassroots organization, advocacy, and services for patients, governments, medical professionals, and medical cannabis providers. 
  • Establishment of a consistent framework across federal and state levels that recognizes cannabis as a legal medicine. This includes allowing medical professionals autonomy in prescribing cannabis products under any method of administration as part of a therapeutic regime, for any condition the prescriber sees fit. 
  • Codification of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment as the gateway/foundation for creating a federal policy framework for universal safe access. 
  • We support patient autonomy in making informed cannabis choices

III.  Standardization

Medical cannabis should be regulated similarly to other medications in order to ensure safe, effective, and consistent treatment. Therefore, the MCSA advocates for the following: 

  • Establish national safety standards for labeling requirements and third-party lab testing, and usage guidelines
  • Regulatory guidance and enforcement of penalties for companies and products making unsubstantiated medical claims
  • Available by prescription, including in botanical form, and covered by insurance
  • Alignment of medical dispensaries to operate similarly to pharmacies
    • They should provide products that are safe and effective
    • Should dispense prescriptions based on clinician’s orders within the coordination of care
    • They should provide proper use guidelines including harm reduction

IV.  Inclusion

The legacy of cannabis is one of inequality and injustice. The war on drugs and decades of prohibition have unfairly and unequivocally harmed minority communities. The MCSA is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. Therefore, the MCSA advocates for the following: 

  • Promote services and programs that focus on training, education, economic opportunity, and professional advancement through policy reformation to empower LGBTQ+ and BIPOC healers, health professionals, and their allies, with education on evidence-based medicine and science
  • Community and Member Engagement
  • Create student engagement, foster thoughtful debate, and cultivate a student community which is socially responsible, innovative, and knowledge-oriented that will serve all communities with a focus on entrepreneurship, social innovation, advocacy, and education engagement and conversation on medical cannabis
  • Leverage and drive civic engagement as a critical tool to allow for medical cannabis for therapeutic use and research, and support for programs attempting to correct the harm caused to individuals personally impacted by the war on drugs