Pharmacy Graduate Student Association

The Pharmacy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) advocates and provides services for the graduate students in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. We strive to improve recruitment, retention, professional growth, and graduate student life.

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The purpose of PGSA shall be:

  1. To act as an official liaison body to communicate graduate student concerns to the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Administration officials of the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy.
    • Meet with faculty about student concerns. Hierarchy to follow is PGSA student coordinator, PSC graduate program director, PSC department chair, or as recommended.
  2. To provide a platform for discussions and suggestions on matters involving graduate students.
  3. To communicate and support research interests of graduate students of the School of Pharmacy.
    • Networking between students and faculty to promote opportunities for new students to meet potential mentors and current students to consider collaborations.
    • Advocate participation by communicating to student body professional opportunities like the GSA research day and professional development opportunities offered by the University of Maryland, Baltimore.
  4. To promote efficient recruitment and orientation of incoming graduate students.
    • Participate in department open houses and college speaking engagements.
    • Participate in the PGSA Mentor Program of incoming graduate students.
  5. To promote a more collegial graduate student life.
    • Provide social events such as departmental potlucks and sporting events.
    • Advocate participation by communicating to student body other social events held by AAPS, GSA and USGA.
  6. To represent the interests of graduate students as members of campus wide organizations.
    • GSA representative will attend GSA meetings and be responsible for necessary communications to acquire funding from GSA/USGA for PGSA events.
  7. To recognize, foster, and reward outstanding leadership among individuals in the department.
    • Advocate participation in the School of Pharmacy student of the month. Nominate your lab mates, peers and faculty for a job well done.
    • Monthly kudos newsletter of student accomplishments: grants, papers, defenses, internships, fellowships, etc.

Mentor Program:

The PGSA First-Year Mentor Program provides support for incoming first-year students in the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program to help improve the transition to graduate school.

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists is a national group. Learn more about our student chapter here!