Past Events

2nd AAPS/DDDI Regional Meeting- AUG 4th

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists/Drug Discovery and Development Interface Section (AAPS/DDDI) will host it’s second regional meeting at UMB Pharmacy Hall on Aug. 4.

Formulation support in drug discovery
Early phase drug development and population PK
Transforming skillsets in early development to meet the changing NCE/NBE landscape in discovery space
Academic collaboration and preparing for the discovery support role in industry

Please see the detailed agenda for more info.

2016 AAPS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO (November 13-17)

  • AAPS Alumni and Friends Reception in Denver, Nov. 14th, 7-9 pm.
  • 19 poster presentations from the UMB AAPS Chapter members

JULY 2017

The UMB AAPS Student Chapter hosted a guest speaker, Mr. Viqar Hussain from Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Friday June 30th at 11am in HSF II 600. His talk, titled as “Applying entrepreneurship principles to academic research to increase accessibility and benefit to society”, will address strategies on how an academic can translate research into a commercialized product and discuss benefits, potential risks and legal process.

JUNE 2017

In coordination with four other student chapters of AAPS (SUNY Buffalo, Rutgers, Temple University, UConn), our chapter successfully helped organize the first Northeast AAPS Student Conference at the Research and Development site of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. This conference provided participants with an opportunity to present their research and network with AAPS student members from across the Northeast region as well as GSK employees. This event also provided participants with useful information and advice for pursuing careers in industry. Participants were able to take part in guided tours of different on-site research facilities and communicate directly with GSK employees.



APRIL 2017

A field trip was organized to the White Oak Campus of the FDA, where participants were given a tour of the campus by UMB alumni and current FDA employees. Ph.D. student participants were given the chance to interact and network with scientists in the field of Biotechnology based drug therapy. The day commenced with scientific presentations by Principal Investigators followed by a guided tour of their research labs. The visit concluded with a Q&A session which enabled the participants to be further enlightened about the field of protein-based drugs and learn about the various potential  applications of their degree in their post-graduate careers.

MARCH 2017

K-12 Outreach: Career Choice STEM Bonanza – Our chapter participated in a STEM event hosted by the PADC at the DeVry Campus in Arlington, Virginia on March 25, 2017. Five Ph.D. students from our chapter organized scientific demonstrations that were intended to educate K-12 students about the pharmaceutical sciences. In addition to providing hands-on activities for students, this event allowed us to publicize our student chapter and the AAPS organization. During this event, members handed out promotional AAPS material, including sunglasses and pens, to students and other participating organizations. Additionally, our involvement was featured on the PADC Facebook page and on our own chapter’s Facebook page.








The UMB AAPS Student Chapter hosted  the popular Annual Baking Contest on February 6th, 2017! Students and faculty enjoyed some delicious Valentine’s Day themed baked good.
1st place: Melissa Metry-  Cherry cheesecakes with chocolate ganache
2nd place: Luke Brewer- Jam & Butter cookies













The chapter organized an industrial visit to Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) in New Brunswick, NJ on November 29th, 2016. Attendees included students from our university, Johns Hopkins University, and Rutgers University. Howard J. Stamato, the Associate Director of Drug Product Science and Technology at BMS, led the event and gave a talk on the overview of pharmaceutical drug development. The visit included a tour of the facilities which provided educational opportunities in solid dosage processing, spectroscopic techniques in drug product manufacture, use of automation to accelerate formulation development, and modeling to simulate and predict pharmaceutical outcomes. This event also provided networking opportunities with BMS employees and attendees from other universities.









AAPS members participated at the 3rd Annual “BrainSTEM Challenge” on October 17th, 2016. The team organized several activities for the attendees,  such as lip balm making and cocoa powder capsules making. The team also answered questions regarding AAPS and pursuing a career in the Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Photos from the event
















AAPS Student Chapter visit to Medimmune in Frederick, MD.



April 2016









Valentine’s Day Baking Contest 2016.
1st and 2nd place winners!

Special Seminar!

Richard Bergstrom

Richard Bergstrom

Richard Bergstrom
The AAPS student chapter hosted Dr. Richard Bergstroma, an adjunct professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Butler University, on Sept. 18, 2015, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., in Pharmacy Hall, Room N111 for a discussion on what it takes to be successful in the pharmaceutical industry. He will discuss:
His career path, which spans more than three decades with Eli Lilly, his academic career at Butler University, and starting his own PK/PD consulting firm
His research experience, which spans the broader aspects of PK/PD across the wide spectrum of drug discovery, development, and commercialization of drug products

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event! It was an overwhelming success and UMB made a lasting impression!

AAPS STudent Chapter visit to Bristol Myers Squibb, Brunswick, NJ April 2015

AAPS Student Chapter visit to Bristol Myers Squibb, Brunswick, NJ
April 2015


Dr. Peter Swann's current lab and Alumni. AAPS annual meeting 2014

Dr. Peter Swann’s past lab and Alumni. AAPS annual meeting 2014


Dr. Stephen W. Hoag's lab of current students and ALumni. AAPS annual meeting 2014

Dr. Stephen W. Hoag’s lab of past students and alumni. AAPS annual meeting 2014


Dr. Polli's current lab and Alumni. AAPS annual meeting 2014

Dr. Polli’s past lab and alumni. AAPS annual meeting 2014


Valentine's Day Baking Contest 2015. 1st and 2nd place winners!

Valentine’s Day Baking Contest 2015.
1st and 2nd place winners!