2021-2022 APhA-ASP Officers

President: Julie Jeong
President-Elect: Anyelis Rosario

Patient Care VP: Dilveer Chahal 
Patient Care Assistant:
Eileen Zheng

Communications Vice President: Jess Schuchardt
Finance Vice President: Sukh Gurung
International Vice President: Karan Angad Singh
Membership Vice President: Carla Quinones
Policy and Advocacy Vice President: Shannon Weathers
Professional Development Vice President: Nishi Jaha

Maryland Regional Operation Chair: Annie Shafiq
Maryland Regional Operation Co-Chair: Mayukha Pakala

AMPM Chair: Chantiel Awkard
AMPM Co-Chair: Susan Luong

Operation Heart Chair: Sania Ali
Operation Heart Co-Chair: Alena Abraham

Operation Diabetes Chair: Laurie Fontan-Cepeda
Operation Diabetes Co-Chair: Joanna Shaju

Operation Immunization Chair: Bela Pandya
Operation Immunization Co-Chair: Jennifer Lee

OTC Med Safety Chair: Yijie Cheng
OTC Med Safety Co-Chair: Rita Chen

Generation Rx Chair: Coral Andrews
Generation Rx Co-Chair (Baltimore): Safiya Nero

Operation Reproductive Health Co-Chair: Krystal Nguyen
Operation Reproductive Health Co-Chair: Linda Vu

Advisors: Dr. Cherokee Layson-Wolf and Dr. Deanna Tran