To help improve public health awareness relative to healthcare disparities in Maryland and to serve as a resource for students in higher education and student organizations concerned with public health issues.

Membership Benefits

  • Learn about important public health issues and healthcare disparities among different segments of the population
  • Promote public health awareness
  • Actively participate in eliminating healthcare disparities
  • Learn about available health-related resources and work with other student organizations to perform community outreach program
  • Communicate with MdPHA Members, including nurses, local and state health department staff members, academicians, students, researchers, health educators, physicians, pharmacists, and many others to work on issues being identified
  • Learn about and gain support in pursuing public health careers, i.e. U.S. Public Health Services or possible future Pharm.D/M.P.H.
  • Interact with other professional students through interdisciplinary programs
  • Participate in professional development activities related to public health issues
  • Learn about multicultural issues relative to public health